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Dear Eclipse Enthusiast:

    If there’s paradise on this planet, it’s in the South Pacific. And if there’s a celestial sight to beat all others, it’s a total eclipse of the Sun. When you combine the two you have heaven on Earth, and that’s what’s in store on April 8, 2005. Sky & Telescope magazine and TravelQuest International invite you to join us as we sail aboard the newly refurbished MV Discovery to witness that day’s total solar eclipse at sea near Polynesia.

    Along most of the eclipse track, the Moon will not quite cover the Sun, leaving a brilliant “ring of fire” in the sky. But over a tiny swath of remote ocean the eclipse will be total, and those of us privileged to be there will see the Sun’s diaphanous corona burst forth as the sky darkens and the air cools. En route to and from our eclipse site we’ll visit exotic Tahiti, meet descendents of the HMS Bounty’s crew on Pitcairn Island, wander amid the mysterious stone statues of Easter Island, and walk in the footsteps of the Inca in Peru. Add to all that the spectacular southern sky, and you have the astronomical adventure of a lifetime.

    The MV Discovery, our home away from home as we cruise, offers casual elegance and 4-star service, as well as the advantage of mobility in the unlikely event of cloudy weather. As always, the editors of Sky & Telescope have arranged top-quality enrichment lectures, both before and after the eclipse, to provide insight into the heavens and to the big event itself.

    Our friends at Discovery World Cruises are offering great cruise rates and amazing discounted airfares from many North American cities. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity — make your reservation

Rick Fienberg Aram Kaprielian  
Editor in Chief  President  
Sky & Telescope TravelQuest International  

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