Benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before taking Tramadol

Minor pain can be handled and people can function normally when they have such pain. But when the pain is more or unbearable people buy pain relief tablets. Tramadol is one such pain relief medication that is used to treat moderate or severe pain. For best results, pain medications are supposed to be taken as soon as the pain is felt. Hence, it is always better to take them at the earliest. For a clear understanding, the benefits and drawbacks of Tramadol are discussed here in detail.

Usage Instructions of Tramadol:

Tramadol (Ultram) should be taken by mouth with water as advised by a doctor. It is generally taken every 4 to 6 hours as needed for the pain to reduce. This pill can be taken with or without food, but when a person suffering from nausea takes this pill he is advised to take it with food. The dosage of this tablet is based on the medical history, gender, and age of the person consuming it. The maximum recommended usage can be extended up to 400mg per day. For elderly people older than 75 years of age, the maximum recommended usage is mostly 300mg per day. The medication dosage should not be increased, taken frequently, or taken longer than actually prescribed by the doctor as it may not work as well when taken for a long time. The tablet may also reduce the breathing rate in the beginning, or when the dosage is changed. The medicine should not be crushed or broken into pieces and instead, should be taken as a whole to attain its complete benefits. This pill should not be taken when the person has consumed alcohol as they may experience serious side effects.

Benefits of taking Tramadol

People get benefited by taking this tablet when they are in severe pain such as pain caused by any injuries or accidents. The pain is unbearable in such conditions and people prefer taking drugs to reduce such pain. This pain relief drug works on the brain and nervous system of the person to reduce the way they feel the pain. The person might feel better after taking this drug as they will not be able to feel the pain. The pain relief pill reduces the pain almost instantaneously. If the pain is not reduced, the consumption period of the drug can be increased as it does not affect any other system of the body. The pill is very tolerable, as the side effects that occur while taking this pill are usually temporary. Tramadol is used in many cases to reduce labor pain, dental pain, low back pain and neuropathic pain. It is generally the most effective treatment for pain with minimal side effects when compared with other treatments.

Drawbacks of taking Tramadol

In general, there can be many drawbacks to taking to a pain relief pill. Generic Tramadol has fewer drawbacks when compared to others. Tramadol or in other words Ultram is not advised for use by pregnant and feeding women. Long time usage of this pill by a person not only causes tolerance but also causes physical dependence. The common side effects such as nausea, dizziness and headache may occur in people taking this pill very often. Serious side effects include:

• Fainting
• Chest pain
• Swelling of face or throat
• Trouble in breathing
• Seizures
• Fever
• Lack of coordination and rapid heartbeat.

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These side effects should be treated with much concern and doctor should be consulted immediately. Digestive side effects like constipation may occur in elderly people. So, elderly people should be careful when taking this pill and contact their doctor if anything happens.